Whilst you are smarter than most, you are being troubled by your thoughts, feelings or emotions. However much willpower or strength of character you have, your conscious thinking does not have the power to defeat your habitual unconscious programs, because they run at least 100 times faster and are fully automated. I help you recognise your problematic programs and remove or overwrite them with more suitable programs for how you want to be now!

The work we do together is fast, effective, lasting, safe, affordable and a source of learning you retain for life, a better life! I love what I do and my clients do too!

I’m offering you this unique chance to talk directly with me for a ten minute phone or Skype discussion of the solutions that may be available to your problem issues, these may relate to thoughts, emotions, relationships or health. This initial assessment consultation is FREE, confidential and without obligation. You have nothing to lose but your problem! Call me on 01526 832 563 (UK Office hours) or Skype message and set up a video call on steven.blake422


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