Steven Blake mba

I love what I do, and you will too!

Helping hand from the thought coach

>>>>> Latest News: Steven received 5 nominations for the “All in The Mind” Awards. The 25th Anniversary edition of the Radio 4 shows awards for Mental Health Professionals “Who show greater than expected levels of compassion, understanding or practical assistance.”

Your thoughts are the biggest factor in your life, they directly affect your health, relationships, emotions and abilities. You can take control of your thoughts, using quick and simple techniques, to achieve a better life in every way. So whether you wish to improve your life by removing what you don’t want, or by enhancing what you do, you are in the right place. Let me help you discover the “How” in the “Now”. In the words of a client “It’s like unlocking a previously bolted door and watching the once shaded lawn be flooded with warm sunshine!” 


“small changes, Big Results! 

Fast, simple, practical and affordable solutions to problem thoughts.

If you’re not ready, you won’t feel the urgent need to call me now, Steven: 01526 832 563

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