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Hi, I’m Steven Blake.  Please allow me explain why I think I can help you make whatever changes you need to have a better life. This applies whether this is a physical issue, a habitual mental process or a combination of the two. I help you make changes that work at a deep level for quick and long lasting change, usually in one session!

Q, What problems can you help me with?
A, I can help with a vast number of problems that affect your health and well-being  a selection of these are displayed in the contents page

Q, How will a mental process help me with my physical problems?
A, Our physical and mental processes are so intertwined that it is impossible for one to work without the other. Most of our life is run by our unconscious processes a bit like on autopilot  Unfortunately it sometimes has the wrong program or a map that needs updating. This is what I help you to reset.

Q, Why can’t I deal with my issues using willpower?
A, The thinking process you are aware of is very slow compared with the unconscious way we process thought (auto pilot) which is 500,000 times faster and capable of dealing with many processes at the same time. Your conscious willpower only works while concentrating which is soon interrupted by other thoughts.

Q, Are you telling me it’s all in my head?
A, No, definitely not. The phrase “All in your head” implies that you could have had control over it or deliberately brought it on, you didn’t. I can help you correct things at the unconscious level, by changing things you had no control over to an altered process that is automated to fit the new desired way you want to be.

Q, What treatment can I expect?
A, We will discuss your unique needs and apply the appropriate techniques. This mainly takes the form of a relaxed discussion and brings about deep changes.

Q, So what do you do?
A, I have three main tools to access your unconscious programs:

1, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explained here..

2, Therapeutic Hypnosis explained here..

3, Therapeutic Time Line explained here..

Q, Is it safe?
A, Yes, I only use what is appropriate and it is limited to whatever we agree at the outset.

Q, Is it effective?
A, Yes and for almost all services I can offer a fixed price for that issue.

Q, What will it cost?
A, For the most commonplace treatments you will find the prices on the relevant page of this web site. For other issues where the cause or required outcome is still unknown I would indicate a price range in advance and firm that up at the consultation once I have a greater insight.

Q, I have no major problems, can you help me with enhancing my life?
A, Yes, I practice what I preach and am very knowledgeable about life enhancement. I have studied positive thinking and practical applications of it for over 25 years.

Q, Do I have to believe in anything?
A, No, it is down to me to explain the process simply and ensure you understand fully, how and why it will work.

Q, How long will the outcome last?
A, For as long as you want it to and whilst you observe any instructions you are given.

Q, So do I need a lot of willpower?
A, No, only the willpower to ring me and then turn up for a consultation!

Q, I want to lose weight and only need a diet can you help?
A, Yes, I have been a Weight Plan Consultant for 7 years and can provide a unique blend of my specialist advice and the replacement meals for just the cost of the meals (from £1.15 each).

Q, How do I find out more about if your services will work for me?
A, Please feel free to call me for a chat, we both need to know that it is something I can help you achieve.

slbfaceoblong200Please feel free to contact me, Steven
Office: 01526 832 563
Skype: steven.blake422


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