I developed many spreadsheets to automate and simplify work. I offer these FREE on the basis that having put in hundreds of hours developing them it could save you a lot of time so I’m happy to share rather than shelve! I do it as a pay it forward, for all the good things people have done for me.  Obviously if you see any of my other services that will benefit someone you know I would love you to direct them to it!

Free Spreadsheets – all require you to have Microsoft Excel on your computer! Please note all of these spreadsheets work without requiring a password and have full instructions. If you do get asked for a password, you are not in a data entry cell! Testimonials from spreadsheet users are here.

Weight Loss Tracker and Calculator – Monitors your progress, produces a chart, calculates your BMI and tells you how many calories a day you are burning as well as giving you an indication of potential weight loss for different mixes of diet and exercise.

Business Idea Tester/Planner – Starting a new business venture? Test it out quickly and produce data for the business plan. It also make a great teaching tool.

Gantt Chart – A very simple chart for monitoring progress and determining earliest finish date.

Staff Holiday Tracker & Request Form – Plan & Monitor Holidays, so your business runs smoothly.

Household Budget Calculator – Too much month left at the end of the money. See what you need to do.

Angles and length of Side Calculator – When you know only some of the lengths and angles this does the rest.

And just for FUN…..

Sudoku Helper & Sudoku Advanced – learn Sudoku or improve your skills.

Testimonials from spreadsheet users are here.

Feel free to visit any of the pages that may be of interest to you. You can download as many spreadsheets as you like for FREE however the cart only allows one download at a time.


If you want more than one, and want to save time click this button for all six bundled together (currently does not include Weight Loss Tracker) all I ask is a donation towards my therapy work (min £1). Enter an amount and click the green button:   


I hope you find this helpful, please feel free to browse the site, I’m sure there are many other things you can benefit from or direct others to, thanks, Steven


Please feel free to contact me, Steven
Email: enq@businessspreadsheets.org.uk

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