Hay Fever

Don’t let Hay Fever ruin your summer!

As you already know Hay Fever symptoms are due to your immune system reacting to pollen.  What you may not know is that 2 out of every 10 people are affected by it.


The good news is that as 8 out of 10 people are unaffected by pollen then it cannot the pollen at fault – it is your immune system’s reaction to it.  This is why tablets, sprays and other treatments rarely help much, in fact they can aggravate your already over sensitive eyes and nose.

I offer a Guaranteed one session fix to help you realign your senses to see pollen as the inert substance it is.  Yes in just one session, either in person or over Skype – so anywhere in the world.

Please call me to discuss and let me explain a simple process to ridding yourself of this annual problem.

Reduced price for bookings taken this month only

Hay Fever Guaranteed One Session Fix = £97  (was £127)

Special Offer - £97 limited time

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