Hot Flushes

Are you bothered by hot flushes (flashes)? The good news is that there is an instant, safe and lasting way to turn them off!

Hot Flushes are your body wrongly responding to thinking you are overheating. Sweats and flushing is an attempt to disperse the heat. Removal of this symptom of menopause is instant and permanent.  In one session you will be relieved of the problem and have a method of stopping it from returning.


No need for drugs or surgery. The unconscious part of your brain controls all the body’s functions and can be programmed to turn off this unwanted response to the menopause. With one short consultation I can help you access this “off switch” so that you can operate it at any time. If you are unable to visit me then I can provide the experience in your own home or anywhere in the world over Skype.


Testimonial: “I would like to congratulate you on successfully stopping my hot flushes.  As you know I was very sceptical that this was at all possible.  Prior to visiting you I averaged about 7 hot flushes a day that were intense, distressing and really debilitating. In the two months since I came to you I have not had a hot flush and on only 3 instances started to feel one coming on and used the off switch you taught me to stop it in its tracks. You are a true professional and your calm manner and thoughtfulness enabled the process to be pleasant as well as very effective. Thank you once again for giving me my life back.” Sarah G….. Sleaford

Special Offer this month One session fix for only £60.00 (£97)

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Call me now to book, either at my consultation rooms or over Skype, regards Steven

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