“The problem is never how to think new thoughts, but how to get the old ones out.”

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You know how it feels when you de clutter a room. Suddenly you can find things and you can relax better and how ever little you throw out there seems to be so much more room! Imagine doing that for your head!  All those thoughts that keep going round and round seeming to get more and more urgent and important. You can learn and absorb at a deep level how to deal with life smoothly and effectively. Allow the true you out, uncluttered by all that baggage.

I offer a series of bite size chunks that all have that Aha moment inbuilt, things that once you learn and absorb will stay with you for life, a better life.







Typical Sessions:

Bin it – a method of shaking off those repetitive bad thought, for good!

Balance theory – the antidote to the wild up and down swings in life!

Re-framing – when you can’t change your circumstances you can change how it makes you feel!

Pain Control – learn how to ease pain for yourself and others.

Circle of confidence – or whatever feeling you want, when you want it.

Mind your Language – The power of words, what to avoid and what to use.

Conflict resolution – improve relationships.

Belief Changer – remove those beliefs that are no longer appropriate (example – clear your plate).

Stories that change us – metaphors are so effective and powerful persuaders.

Listen to your body – we are given messages that we need to heed, yet most are ignored.

Talk to your body – if we listen to our body it will listen to what we want.

Getting over it – dealing with those lingering feeling for the one who got away, or the person you lost.

Live today – regret is living in the past, worry is living in the future, yet the only time we live in is now.  Always has been always will be.

Every one of these sessions is a life changing moment.

Contact me for one to ones, sessions with a friend, friends or a group. Sessions from as little as £2o

If you have really low self esteem or lack of confidence I would recommend a two hour core session first. See time line explanation. This is a guaranteed result session that improves your life at so many levels. Any declutter sessions after that would be at reduced prices because they would take far less time. I explain why this is so in my ten pin theory.

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