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If you are sick of yo-yo dieting, then it’s not the diet that is the problem! Losing weight, sticking to a diet and keeping the weight off is largely down to how your mind either helps or hinders. So would you like an easier way of having and maintaining the figure you deserve?  I may have the answer that suits you and it doesn’t involve gastric surgery.

mindfullyslimMindfullyslim is a revolutionary & unique concept for being the ideal size or weight for YOU and for evermore keeping your new body that way. Its all about training your mind to be in tune with your body. Use the mindfullyslim learning on its own or in conjunction with a non fad diet to lose the weight and from then onwards on its own without even being aware of it. It’s not your stomach that gets you to eat the wrong things in the wrong quantities – it’s your mind! I help you retrain your mind to enjoy what you eat and to avoid the cravings and binges which are caused by eating the wrong things in the wrong quantities. You can still have the things you enjoy. You will simply retrain your mind to enjoy what you eat and, without conscious effort, eat what is right for YOU.

Please see my two blogs explaining the 5 bodies theory and balance theory that explain simply the issues surrounding weight loss.

mindfullyslim man on scalesI offer a mind reprogramming session covering all the areas of your concern, tailor made to suit how you deal with food.  Whether that be skipping meals, eating the wrong foods, excess alcohol, binge eating, or anything else you care to share with me.  This takes it away from being a conscious struggle of will power versus your unconscious bad habits.  It becomes a pleasurable and intuitive way of living, in balance with your body’s needs relative to the size and weight you want to be.

Have you ever found yourself sabotaging your own diet? I frequently deal with clients just like you who have an unconscious program running that stops them becoming slim. Was being slim an issue for you, did something happen when you were slim that doesn’t happen when you get heavier? I provide a method of finding the core issue holding you back and resolving it. This usually takes just one session and involves a time line therapeutic process.

So stop needing to be so concerned about food and let the new you out, contact me today to discuss how in less than an three hours you can start to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Book a Platinum 3 in 1 Session & head for a new body. One to one reprogramming. 3 in 1 training and reprogramming for weight loss. Session includes timeline therapy to get to the core of why, hypnosis for the how, and a metabolic increase for the now. 

Other options available,  call to discuss your needs and receive my recommendations.

I will also consider group work, please contact me if that would be of interest.

When you have resolved your issues and if want to lose the weight rapidly my recommendation for a really effective Diet is the ActiDiet. If you purchase their replacement meals through me you get my expertise as your ActiDiet consultant absolutely free! Click here to check it out.

Free resources : Click here for a great way to stay motivated



Please feel free to contact me, Steven Office: 01526 832 563

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevenblakemba

Skype: steven.blake422

Email: sb@explainedwell.com



“In my opinion, Steven is the best, most thorough and well informed diet consultant I have ever met because he explains so clearly how food works in relation to the body. He also understands and explains the way the mind operates and sabotages our desire for health and fitness, due to old behaviour patterns and beliefs and how best you can overcome these self limiting mind traps.”A.M. Louthwww.waystobewell.com

“A second session I had with Steven, this time for hypnosis and focussing on the weight issue. I had never been hypnotised before and was very unsure and nervous even though I trust Steven completely. I needn’t have worried, as usual he put me totally at ease and explained the process thoroughly and we went ahead. Yes, I fought the hypnosis, not to be awkward, but I think anyone would for the initial session if it is an “unknown” situation to be in. But I still found myself going under due to the way Steven delivers the verbal communication, the tone, the safety and the general overall feeling of confidence and invitation to accept the help he offers through this process. All those things in conjunction with my asking for his help, made me realise I should give-it-a-go and relax!!! The images my mind produced were – unexpected. The background was red, the colour of eye lids when your eyes are closed….I wasn’t alarmed by this, then as Steven asked me to put my fears about being slim in a box and assured me someone would come now and take them away……(individual details removed)…. This was my unconscious mind protesting very clearly at the removal of my “stay fat safety blanket” that I have carried for far too long. If I am fat then the issues that I had when I was slim wouldn’t happen again…..this putting them in a box to be taken away was obviously too much for my unconscious to deal with. But blimey – how powerful and WE dealt with it. Steven didn’t put images in my head or thoughts or reactions. He just said we would take away the reason, the smoke screen, the worry……but having had that for twenty years now is a hard façade to let go of, a scary place to face with no wall, no barrier, no security blanket. Letting go is hard. But realising you can and it really is ok to let it go and then possessing the liberty of understanding is literally like unlocking a previously bolted door and watching the once shaded lawn be flooded with warm sunshine.” – Client wishes to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of details given.

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