No Longer Puffing

If you are reading this I will assume you already want to quit smoking. So I won’t try and convince you over the cost saving, the health benefits, how things taste better or how you smell better.


I offer a simple, easy and cost effective method of becoming a non-smoker. Yes, it doesn’t have to be hard work as it will not rely just on willpower. You have already made the decision which was the hard part. All you need to do now is set up the appointment, the rest is easy.

No longer will you be pushed around by an addiction that cost you your health and your money – about £2,400 a year for 20 per day.

Is nicotine really that addictive? The answer is no, even Nicorette stated on their web site that nicotine leaves your body in just three days after stopping smoking.

mindfullyslimnorangeI offer a solution usually in one session this can be anywhere in the world if you have access to Skype or a personal consultation at my consulting rooms in Ruskington, Lincolnshire.

Special Offer this Month Only: £127 (£197) all inclusive 2 in 1 session – Hypnosis and NLP

Special Offer - £127 limited time

Start saving straight away, call me now to book in now for a prompt, effective cessation of the habit.

Please feel free to contact me.

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