Pain Removal

Do you have a pain that has troubled you for years? Well the good news is that you can lose it – instantly!

Pain is there for a reason, it is the necessary signal for your repair system to go into action and for you to cease harmful actions until the body recovers. Imagine breaking your arm and not feeling pain, you would continue using your arm until the bone worked its way through to the outside.  So as the problem occurs pain is a welcome feeling that is effective in making the message urgent and overriding.

However pain that lingers, long after the initial trauma, is no longer a message you need. It can therefore be removed safely and for good. I do build in safety measures so that changes in that area or new injuries or illnesses will still come to your notice.

This video explains Pain both technically and very simply:

Typical Questions Answered

Q, If it is that easy why isn’t it readily available through Doctors?

A, Only a few Doctors are open minded to things outside the traditional training they receive. I only help people who have been suitably monitored and assessed by their doctor as to the cause.

Q, Surely if I have my pain turned off it would not be providing the safety message that is needed!

A, Your doctor prescribes strong pain killers, so it is accepted medical practice to remove pain even when the causes are not fully evident.  My intervention removes the pain and has the added safety feature of you still retaining an awareness of changes or new problems.

Q, Does it work?

A, Yes. I would assess your situation to ensure it was the right thing for you. Of the many people I have helped the first person had severe back problems so bad he had to change from manual work 25 years ago.  From one small intervention he has never suffered since and now is fully able bodied.  I know how much his life has improved because that man is me!

Q, I’m interested how can I find out if it will work for me?
A, If you are UK based please call me on 01526 832 563, If not please Skype or email.

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