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Want to learn Sudoku or develop to the next level? I have just what you need! Instruction here is free for starter information, the spreadsheet learning aid and the blank sheets you can print out.

I am Steven Blake a qualified and experienced trainer, my main skill is explaining complex things simply. I studied and devised this system to save you having to wade through the pile of unhelpful and time consuming advice on the internet. In studying Sudoku over two years I developed my own system that I believe is the best and easiest available anywhere in the world, let me know if you think you have found anything as good or better as I am open to constantly improving the system!

Every Sudoku puzzle has only one unique solution so take great care, no guesses!  A Sudoku puzzle has the numbers 1 to 9 in each row, column and 3 by 3 box.  This also means no number is repeated in any row, column and 3 by 3 box.  I want you to visualise that any number in the grid protects its own territory which simply put is the 3 by 3 box it lives in and every space directly in line with it up or down, left or right.  Please only try and complete puzzles at a suitable level, move up only when you can regularly complete them at that level.


These instruction apply to the FREE Sudoku Spreadsheet I provided below, with the sole purpose of helping you learn, understand and add to your Sudoku skills. You need Microsoft Excel on your computer to run the spreadsheet.

It does not do the puzzle for you, what would be the point of that?  It can take you from beginner to a high level of skill by helping you recognise the patterns within a puzzle.

I have provided two different Spreadsheets, the “Helper” and the “Advanced”.  They will both help you but in different ways and between them build up all the skills you require to complete all levels of puzzles.

Start by typing your puzzle into the left hand grid and double check with the original.   Type in a 1 in the green box next to the “Single Number Checker” and it will show all possible places in green where a 1 can go.  if there is only one place in any row box or column in green then you can enter a 1 there.  This will update the possible places and another single place may become apparent. as soon as no more 1’s can be found move on to 2’s and repeat the process from 1 through to 9 as many time as required until the puzzle is completed.  After a few goes on your computer use the same visual technique on paper versions.

More advanced puzzles will require you to use markers.  These are small numbers that you use to mark a cell with the possible numbers that will fit.  DO NOT EVER use the common technique of marking all possible numbers that can fit each cell.  This is not only a waste of time, it leads to hundreds of chances of a mistake and turns a really pleasurable puzzle into a chore.  The advanced spreadsheet will show you just how many numbers are produced that way, which then need reducing.  My own technique is explained at, feel free to visit and look for Step 2 which will guide you through the next level of puzzles looking for only two places a number can fit.


The markers at the base of each cell show every possible number that can go in that cell and updates as you put numbers in the Left Hand Grid (but not affected by your markers). However it does not calculate or show where some markers can be eliminated using various techniques.  I will be providing further steps, please bookmark and return.

This spreadsheet is intended as a tool for learning Sudoku and for checking out puzzles you get stuck on!  Keep the file as a read only so you never save over the original copy. Use “save as” and rename it for a puzzle to come back to. As you get used to Sudoku you can move or cover the clues provided in the form of markers. You can copy the page you are working on by dragging and dropping the page tab to the right whilst holding down the Ctrl key.  I hope you enjoy this, if you do please direct your friends to my site. – Steven       Copyright Steven Blake mba

 Or Both Packaged Together


Please feel free to contact me, Steven

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